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  • William the Rabbit is sent from city to city by mail.
  • In each city there is a owner who’ll accommodate him.
  • The owner and the rest of the fandom in this city meet, take photos with the Rabbit, city attractions, organize joint rewatches of the X-Files and other themed events.
  • All the participants compose a message to Chris Carter (describing why we love the XF, how we waited for the comeback of the series, what we liked most in the new season, what the XF mean to us and so on and so forth) on a postcard with the views of the city or pictures of the fan club (no more than 2 from one city). The message should be written in English.
  • Temporary owners send their photos and postcards with messages to Chris Carter in Moscow. And while our little Hero will travel we will make something like a World X-Philes Family Album. The album will contain an X-Philes photo-reports, letters and postcards from all citys, visited by our Hero. One page for one city – photos from meeting, and massages from owners. And in the end we’ll send it to  Chris Carter with our William.
  • William the Rabbit goes to the next town until he reaches Chris Carter.
  • The period of stay in each city is for 4 days (1 day – reception, 2-3 – a meeting with the fan club, walk around the city, 4 – departure), the shipment takes up to 3 days.

IMG_2016-04-15 15_11_30

William the Rabbit is travelling with:

  • A flashlight;
  • Jacket in case of bad weather;
  • Evidence box with the souvenirs from the cities he had been to;


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