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About William The Rabbit

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William the Rabbit is a gesture of gratitude towards Chris Carter for this new encounter with Mulder and Scully. In contrast to all the criticism around the comeback of the X-Files, William the Rabbit in his journey will bring a lot of positive feedback, exciting emotions and thank yous for the 10th season as he will pass them all to Chris Carter, staying to live with him. Also we would like to finalize the idea about the gift to Chris Carter (CarterFox) that for some unknown reason has disappeared on its way to Russia. Being armed with a flashlight, a small backpack and a bag for messages our Rabbit has launched his journey.

  • About
  • Name: William The Rabbit
  • Height: 12,6 inch.
  • Weight: 1,1 lb.
  • Eyes color: blue
  • Date of Birth: 20 of may 2016
  • Birth place: Moscow, Russia
  • Travel begin at: 11 of June 2016
  • Travel  end: 2017
  • Support Group: Brianna, KsuX, leneonok, klark


0Xeyg1CnY8M History of creation
IMG_2016-05-18-18_42_48 Journey
How it happens. Instructions
мир City to travel
City list, contacts, travel status, trip reports
инфо Information support
Follow us in instagram, youtube, vk.com
CC_Will Chris and William
Fateful meeting, 06.06.2017



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  1. Tricia Winnington 08.07.2016 at 12:36 - 

    HI William the rabbit. I am a huge X Files. I have been a phile since it aired in the UK in 1994. Please come and visit me in Portsmouth Hampshire in the UK

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